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This resource is devoted to rather actual subjects - to a supply with information of the specific spheres of activity demanding studying of seldom meeting or remote literature.

Besides it the purpose of the project is preservation in the electronic form of rare books so that the historical heritage did not leave in nonexistence in shabby and remote funds of libraries, as a result of fires and other ridiculous cases, and became the general property and has served as advantage to people. For a symbolical payment we give an opportunity to everyone to get access to the primary sources which once issued both have been not republished subsequently to books and documents.

Here the alphabetic list of available books, or transferbed in format PDF, or expecting for this event is given. On questions of purchase of the given materials, and also with wishes and offers you may write to us on a E-Mail.


Statistics of the project
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Start of the project - 16.06.2004.


Last updating of 24.07.2007.

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